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What is IronGlue?

IronGlue is (will be) a language very similar to Smalltalk by syntax but quit different by implementation.

1) Syntax will be very similar to Smalltalk. In addition it will support C# inline code
2) The language will be implemented on top of existing .NET virtual machine (VM)

The advantages of this approach:
a) garbage collection is taken care of by VM
b) execution is taken care of by VM
c) possibility to use existing .NET functionality written in any .NET languages
d) interpreted when developing, compiled when delivered as a production software
e) sending messages as opposed to calling functions
f) dynamic

3) It will be fun again to write software

This project has started as a learning project.
The process will result in:
*mastering ANTLR
*being able to "walk" ANTLR produced AST by DLR
*mastering F#
*creating parser and lexer in F#
*possibility to translate VA Smalltalk and VisualWorks code to IronGlue.(only end user code will be

When IronGlue will be finished, a new windows presentation layer will be developed to replace
crippled down web based applications by remote applications implementing MVC correctly and
event streaming allowing continous page updates based on server generated events.

Any company is welcome to sponsor this project

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See the Issue Tracker to see what is going on .....


5/30/09 - I started this project as an open source project, the goal of which was to come up
with a .NET enabled version of Smalltalk. After having learned F#, I realized, that the thing
we need is not a new version of Smalltalk. We need a .NET base Smalltalk language processor
which basically will replace the current VM. Simple, isn't it ? I hate the idea, that I am working on it
16 hours a day and then some companies will take the results of my work and without saying
"thank you" , they will use it. I have yet to figure out, how to legally prevent one certain company
to be using results of my work. Furthermore, I have to figure out, how to make companies to pay me
for using my software while enthusiasts and academia will be able to use it for free....
It is very possible, that the project will not be very "open source" in future .... The language still will be
called IronGlue and basically will be a JIT porting machine using advanced memoizing techniques.
Am I greedy? No, I am not, but I learned a lot from our corporate world ;)

4/30/09 - looking for a Smalltalk grammar written for ANTLR, Any idea?

3/11/09 - I have decided to explore the F#. If I want to write a "new" language, why not to want to write a new parser generator??

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